Liquid Plastic - Extra Soft

New York, U.

This plastic is phthahigh free, no toxic fumes.
Contains stabilizer and plasticizer.
Baits without a plastic smell, without airbubbles, sinking.
To make the plastic softer, add the softener.
To make this plastic difficult, add hardener.

Order Could take up to 10 days to be delivered in case stocks break

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We offer three kinds of plastics of the highest quality with different textures.
They can be mixed to get an infinite number of combinations with different hardness and flexibility, so you can try and adjust your own formula according to the type of vinyl you are working on (earthworm, slug, shad, etc).
In addition, these products can also be altered their properties, making them more flexible and soft by adding softener, or hardener to produce the opposite effect.
All our plastics are phthahigh free

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